You work for me, Computer.

By Brandon Bloom


A while ago, I started blogging again. Google’s Blogger isn’t great for code snippets, so I contorted a few posts to fit the formatting. A few posts never got written at all. I wanted to get my blog into Github Flavored Markdown and under version control. I’m not a super huge fan of Jekyll, but in interest of getting back to content, I went ahead and did the simplest possible thing that could work.

So here’s my new blog.

It’s built on Jekyll via Octopress with the a Theme by Lucas Lew and hosted on GitHub Pages.

I ported the majority of the posts from HTML to Markdown via a pile of Vim Macros. Then, I set up a tiny Ruby app on Heroku to redirect old URLs. It was an extremely tedious process, but I’m pretty happy with the result!