You work for me, Computer.

By Brandon Bloom

It Is Easier to Pirate Windows Than to Install It Legally

My desktop machine is totally hosed. I don’t know why or what is wrong, but it is really bad. So I want to re-install Vista, but I can’t find the DVD or product key.

I currently own several Windows Vista licenses:

  • Gift for being a Vista beta tester
  • Drexel CS Department
  • From interning at Microsoft for a combined 9 months (and full-time this July)
  • Microsoft Dreamspark
  • Probably more

I expected to use my beta tester Ultimate license via logging into, downloading the DVD, and getting the product key from Connect as well. Unfortunately, I can’t find the product key or download anywhere on the new Connect. Additionally, I’m blocked from all MSDN subscriber downloads because, well, I’m not a subscriber. Strangely enough, I vividly remember being able to download Vista from MSDN at one point…

I’m looking high and low for a spot to download Windows Vista legally. It is laughably easy to download it illegally, and the download speed will be better than Microsoft’s servers anyway.

The next version of Windows should be freely available for download and the installer should ask for my Windows Live ID, not some cryptic 5x5 product key.